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Find out what other rail-advocacy groups are doing in North America and abroad….


As RAIL approaches their One Year Anniversary, they receive, County Warden Recognition

Group pushes for railway expansion in Canada
Please take the time to read the wonderful article written by Simon Kent of the Toronto Sun.

Save our train
Local petition continues…. see what another local grass roots group is doing

Slow Trains Mean More Planes and Automobiles
Ontario’s growing population should lead to a high-speed rail network across the province. Read Dan Beare’s account. Meanwhile those in SW Rural Ontario must have a few more trains while we wait for high-speed rail to unfold. When it does, Sarnia, a border-city thinks it ought to roll out of its railway station – the gateway to Ontario.

Train Cuts in the Age of Crazy
While some may think that trains are for old people, a growing number of Canada’s Youth are choosing not to own a car… Many rely heavily on public transportation for many reasons – while many are paying off large university loans others see public transportation as the more sustainable, ethical way to travel…Others still, will use the train as their office for 2 or 3 hours, making online business connections. Read about one young man’s impression after the recent cutbacks to his train schedule… Author,Darcy Higgins is the Executive Director of Push Food Forward in Toronto and makes several trips home to Sarnia throughout the year.

People looking to catch train out of Port Huron will need to rise a little earlier
Sarnia, Ontario is a Border City with Port Huron, Michigan. Check out this article to find out what Michigan is doing to improve passenger rail service for their citizens

Council backs SWEA project
Lambton County is on board with this initiative too! Members of Local Business, RAIL, City & County Officials will be there in full force… Interested? Go to our Events page.